Product Info

Albums / Guest Books / Christmas Memory Books


The covers are ~2mm thick black board, with your choice of design mounted to the front of the front cover.  The covers are slightly larger than the internal pages to protect the contents of the books.



The internal pages are PEFC certified, totally chlorine free (TCF), and made from wood fibre from sustainable forests.  They are acid and lignin free, ensuring they will never damage photographs and have an archival rating of 200+ years.  Each page is 160gsm.  Black, white, cream coloured pages are available.  Other colours (including pearlescent and metallic) are available for an extra cost.


The interleaves are a semitransparent sheet which gets bound in between each of the main pages to prevent items on opposite sides of the pages from touching.  They are usually recommended if photos/mementos are put in the books, but they aren't essential.

Binding Coils

I use wire binding coils most suited to the size/thickness of the book.  The coils range in size up to 32mm thick.  Thicker coils can be used on books with a smaller thickness if a project requires more space and depth.  Please contact me to make any request regarding the coils.

Please Note:  Due to the high quality of the covers, pages and interleaves, it is recommended that the books are kept free from damp and direct sunlight to avoid any damage over time.

Advice Cards

The Advice Cards are sized 10cm x 13.5cm, and can be stored or presented in either the A5 or A4 Down Memory Lane books.  They are printed onto high quality card stock as follows.  Please note that any colours may be slightly altered with cards printed directly onto the kraft, silver or gold backgrounds.

-  White matte finish, 300gsm

-  White silk finish, 300gsm

-  White linen texture, 300gsm 

-  Kraft, 285gsm

-  Silver, 285gsm

-  Gold, 285gsm



The signage can be printed onto your choice of card stock, with the option of having it mounted to ~2mm thick black board.  If having the sign mounted to the black board, it will be self supporting and will be suitable for an easel.  If you'd like it purely on card stock, this is best suited to framing or adhering to your wall/surface, and will not stand on its own.

Card stock/background options are as follows.  Other colours may be available on request.

-  White, 300gsm

-  Kraft, 285gsm

-  Ivory Shimmer, 185gsm

-  Silver, 285gsm

-  Gold, 285gsm

-  Black, 300gsm

-  Blue, 300gsm

-  Grey, 300gsm

Diaries / Notebooks


The covers are ~2mm thick black board (with your choice of cover mounted).  Diaries can be either A5 or A4 size.

Diary Pages

The pages are 80gsm paper printed with the year's diary information.  There is a quick view calendar for the current, previous and next year, as well as Important Dates and monthly calendars for the year.

Notebook Pages

Notebook pages are 80gsm paper and come either lined or unlined depending on the option you select.